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Hockey in West Virginia

Hockey is a sport that is growing in popularity in the United States. There are many new initiatives that are helping to grow the game at all levels.

At the professional level, the NHL is continuing to expand its footprint in the US. The league has added two new teams in the last two years, with the Vegas Golden Knights joining the league in 2017-18 and the Seattle Kraken set to begin play in 2021-22. The NHL is also planning to hold its first ever outdoor game in the US, with the 2021 Winter Classic set to be held at Fenway Park in Boston.

At the grassroots level, there are also many initiatives underway to grow the game. USA Hockey's American Development Model is helping to increase the number of young players taking up the sport. The model provides a blueprint for how youth hockey should be structured in order to provide the best possible experience for young players.

There are also a number of new programs aimed at getting more girls and women involved in hockey. The NHL's "Grow the Game" initiative is providing support to programs that are working to increase participation among female players. In addition, the USA Hockey Foundation's "Girls Play Hockey" campaign is working to break down barriers to entry for girls and young women.

All of these initiatives are helping to grow the game of hockey in the United States. The sport is experiencing a period of growth at all levels, and the future looks bright for hockey in the US.