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MVGBet’s Additional Rules & Information

Last Updated: August 8, 2023, 06:00 ET.

Gamewise, LLC operating under the brand name of MVGBet (hereafter “MVGBet”) is implementing these Additional Rules and Information, in conjunction with MVGBet’s House Rules, which shall govern the use of the MVGBet Sportsbook. By placing a wager with the MVGBet Sportsbook, you agree that you have read and will adhere to these Additional Rules and Information at the time of any and all bet placements.

General Rules

  1. MVGBet Additional Rules and Information, Terms of Service, and House Rules govern the use of the MVGBet Sportsbook.
  2. The use of the MVGBet Sportsbook is subject to the regulations imposed by the Ohio Casino Control Commission.
  3. If you have any questions or complaint regarding a bet, please contact us directly via email at [email protected], or by telephone at (513) 613-4513.
  4. Complaints regarding bets where a customer has exhausted the internal MVGBet dispute process without a satisfactory outcome may also contact:
    Ohio Casino Control Commission
    20th Floor
    100 East Broad Street
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (614) 387-5858 or (855) 800-0058
  5. MVGBet reserves the right to apply any changes to the site, offerings, betting limits and payout limits.
  6. MVGBet requires patrons to create an account and personal information to be verified prior to authorizes wagering.
  7. MVGBet can update, amend, and edit these Rules and the Terms of Service at any time.

Prohibited Persons

You are prohibited from placing a wager or winning prize offered by MVGBet if you are:

  1. Under the age of 21.
  2. Not physically located in the state of Ohio.
  3. Any individual who is on the Ohio casino control commission’s sports gaming exclusion list created under section 3772.031 of the Revised Code.
  4. Any sports gaming proprietor, director, office, agent, or employee of a sports gaming proprietor, any person who has a financial interest in a sports gaming proprietor, or any person living in the same household as any of those persons.
  5. Any contractor, subcontractor, or consultant, or officer or employee of a contractor, subcontractor, or consultant, of a licensee, if the person is directly involved in the licensee's operation of sports wagering or the processing of sports wagering claims or payments through the licensee's online sports wagering platform.
  6. Any person subject to a contract with the board if the contract contains a provision prohibiting the person from participating in sports wagering.
  7. Any person with access to information that is known exclusively to a person who is prohibited from placing a wager in this state under this section.
  8. Any amateur or Olympic athlete if the wager is based on the sport or athletic event in which the athlete participates and that is overseen by the athlete's sports governing body.
  9. Any professional athlete if the wager is based on any sport or athletic event overseen by the athlete's sports governing body.
  10. Any owner or employee of a team, player, umpire or sports union personnel, or employee, referee, coach, or official of a sports governing body, if the wager is based on a sporting event overseen by the person's sports governing body.
  11. Any trustee or regent of a governing board of a public or private institution of higher education.
  12. Any member of an advisory board established under title 49, chapter 9, part 5.
  13. Any person prohibited by the rules of a governing body of a collegiate sports team, league, or association from participating in sports wagering activities.
  14. With respect to a student or an employee of a public or private institution of higher education, any person who has access to material non-public information concerning a student athlete or team, and the information is relevant to the outcome of a sporting event; provided, that the person is only prohibited from using the information to place a wager on a collegiate sporting event.
  15. Any person having the ability to directly affect the outcome of a sporting event.
  16. Any person who is on any self-exclusion list or Ohio Casino Control Commission Involuntary Exclusion List.
  17. Any person whose participation may undermine the integrity of the wagering or the Sporting Event.
  18. Any person who is excluded from wagering for any other good cause.
  19. Any person who makes or attempts to make a Wager as an agent or proxy on behalf of another for compensation.


  1. MVGBet reserves the right at its own discretion to adjust a payout credited to an account holder if the payout was credited due to an error.
  2. MVGBet reserves the right to take any necessary action, without notice and within reasonable limits to adjust the account holder’s balance.
  3. Any complaints toward settlement of any bets should reach MVGBet within 14 days of the settlement. All other complaints will be considered if the account holder presents indisputable evidence of the incorrect settlement.
  4. If any of these rules conflict with the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service shall prevail.
  5. If these rules are deemed to be inconclusive, MVGBet reserves the right to settle offers on an individual basis on basis of equity, attaining itself to generally accepted betting norms, customs, and definitions.
  6. Data provided or accessible through MVGBet’s sportsbook may be used by account holders for private and non-commercial use only. Any use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  7. MVGBet has the right to enforce any of these rules against any account holder at its sole and absolute discretion.
  8. Patrons declare that they will not engage in criminal activities directly or indirectly involving a Customer Account and undertake not to use the Services for the purpose of transferring funds or carrying out an illicit or fraudulent activity or any prohibited transaction (including money laundering), in compliance with the US Federal laws.
  9. Wagers are subject to AML standards, including triggers and requirements for filing of Currency Transaction Reports and Suspicious Activity Reports.
  10. A Same Game Parlay shall follow the rules of the individual sport unless stated otherwise within that individual sports rules.


  1. “Error” means a mistake, misprint, misinterpretation, mishearing, misreading, mistranslation, spelling mistake, technical hazard, registration error, transaction error, manifest error, force majeure and/or similar. Examples of errors include, but are not limited to:
    a.     Bets accepted during a technical issue that would not otherwise have been accepted.
    b.     Bets placed on outcomes that have already occurred or been decided.
    c.      Bets on markets containing incorrect participants.
    d.     Bets placed at odds that are erroneously displayed and not reflecting the implied probabilities.
    e.     Bets impacted by a score change or similar misleading situation.
  2. “Influence betting” is an act prohibited by MVGBet, where an account holder or parties acting with an account holder, can influence the outcome of an event or benefit from inside information.
  3. “Syndicate betting” is an act prohibited by MVGBet where account holders act together to place bets on an event or competition.
  4. “Cross betting” is an act prohibited by MVGBet where one or several account holders place bets with the intent of abusing a promotional offer and guarantee a positive return regardless of the outcome.
  5. When evidence is found that account holders act infringing an activity, MVGBet reserves the right to void the bets, withhold payment, limit, or suspend the accounts involved.

Betting history consultation

Players can consult their betting history under the ‘My bets’ section. Active and settled bets are listed with their bet identification code. Any complaint about a betting slip or the betting history content should be addressed to the MVGBet Customer Service.

Profit Boosts ‐ Terms of Use

  1. Profit Boosts can only be used with real money.
  2. Profit Boosts are paid out in real money only.
  3. A bet placed with a Profit Boost does not earn loyalty points.
  4. Cash Out is not available on bets placed with a Profit Boost.
  5. Profit Boosts are only available for a single or combined bet. System tickets are not eligible for a Profit Boosts.
  6. Only one Profit Boost can be used per bet.
  7. Players will receive Profit Boost which they can use on the site at their own discretion.
  8. A bet using Profit Boosts must comply with the conditions for obtaining Profit Boosts at its closing. Otherwise, the bet will not qualify for the Profit Boosts.

Parlay Power Up Boost – Terms of Use

1. Parlay Power-Up is activated on parlays containing at least 3 legs with odds higher or equal to -200 (1.50 in decimal format).

2. Additional legs with lower odds or not participating market types will not count toward the Parlay Power-Up boost.
E.g.: A 4-leg parlay with odds of +150, -110, -150 and -500 will have the 3-leg boost applied.

3. Odds are increased on each leg following the qualifying conditions with the boost value per leg calculated on the decimal odds format as follows:

Number of qualifying legs

Boost value





































4. Parlay Power-Up are calculated on the decimal odds format values. Boosted odds values in other odds formats can show discrepancies while the potential winnings value displayed will reflect the Parlay Power-Up boost value.

5. Parlay Power-Up may be deactivated on certain market types. Markets where the Parlay Power-Up feature is available are marked with the [>>] symbol.

6. Parlay Power-Up may be deactivated when a promotion offer is used on a betting slip, e.g., profit boost.

7. A Same Game Parlay may qualify for Parlay Power-Up. However, a Same Game Parlay will only qualify as one leg of the Parlay Power Up boost.

8. Parlay Power Up example: A qualifying four-leg parlay with individual wager odds of -110, -115, -110 and -115 and a $20 stake with and without the Parlay Power Up activated can be seen below:

Without Parlay Power Up

With Parlay Power Up




Leg 1



Leg 2



Leg 3



Leg 4



Potential winnings



Tournaments – Terms of Use

  1. To participate in a tournament, patrons must be logged in to the MVGBet platform and confirm their participation via tournament registration screen, so that their bets are counted towards the tournament ranking. Said registration must take place before the start-time of the tournament to be considered, unless specified otherwise.
  2. Registration fees are included in the margins applied to the eligible bets for each tournament.
  3. Any bet placed before registering to a tournament will not qualify for the ranking calculation.
  4. The results of the tournaments are determined according to the criteria and calculation method described under the tournaments details.
  5. Only bets that have been graded before the end-date of the tournament will qualify for the ranking. MVGBet cannot be held responsible for any delay in grading a bet that prevents said bet from being eligible.
  6. In case of technical error (including, without limitation: translation error, odds error, etc.) or specific events (including, without limitation: abandonment, match interrupted or postponed, etc.), the operator reserves the right to cancel the player’s bets, in whole or in part.
  7. In the event of a tie:
    a.     With a prize pool in play, the distribution of winnings will be recalculated to distribute the latter between the tied players. E.g., a distribution of 50% for the 1st, 30% for the 2nd and 20% for the 3rd. With two players tied for 1st place, the distribution will be as follows (50% + 30%)/2 = 40% for the two 1st-placed players and 20% for the 3rd.
    b.     With prizes in play, ties will be decided according to the order in which points are obtained. The player with the highest score first will be declared the winner. The ticket closing date prevails.
  8. MVGBet reserves the right to cancel a tournament at any time at its own discretion. Prizes will only be awarded if a tournament is upheld. In case of cancellation, participation fees will not be refunded to players, unless mentioned otherwise in the conditions. Qualifying bets for the cancelled tournament will remain action.
  9. MVGBet reserves the right, at its own discretion, to declare a player’s participation cancelled in case of suspected improper or illegal use of the functionality.
  10. MVGBet reserves the right, at its own discretion, to restrict a tournament to a target group of players and to make it inaccessible to people who have not been invited to participate.
  11. MVGBet reserves the right to modify the general conditions for tournaments at any time. Upon logging in, the player will be notified of any change to the conditions and this change will be deemed to be accepted.
  12. The tournament rules and procedures shall be consistent with Ohio Rule 3775-16-07, including the nature and value of prizes to be awarded.

NOTE: Please also review MVGBet’s House Rules and Terms of Service for further information.